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New Golf Cars:

Yamaha and Club Car Brand Golf Cars. The Best Golf Cars in the Millsboro Delaware. Accessorized with headlights, tail lights, even turn signals. Contemporary body style. Windshield, backseat. Not just a wholesale "As Is" golf car. What you want is what you get and the price is right!

Yamaha – The only local Authorized Dealer of new gas and electric Yamaha golf cars. Yamaha golf cars are a great performance choice. Newer models are innovative & increasingly energy-efficient. In stock, first of its kind electronic fuel injection gas car – no-choke means easier starting every time.

Club Car - The Club Car is the only American golf car with the aluminum frame, rack and pinion steering, and a 48-volt battery pack. These features make the Club Car particularly suitable for conversion into Street and Passenger Cars. Driven millions of miles on golf courses around the world, Club Car has a proven record of excellence and dependability.

Used Golf Cars:

Used golf cars that have been reconditioned and/or accessorized at a reasonable price. We strive to provide custom golf cars that stray away from "stock model".

Passenger Cars:

Four passenger golf cars with windshields, head lights, and rear seat. Commonly used in Golf Course Communities for local transportation. They offer owners a convenient and enjoyable way to make short trips to the store, to the pool, club house or to visit a friend's house. (Not for highway use)

Hunting Cars & Utility Cars:

A golf car with a lift kit, knobby tires 22" tall, a cargo bed, or rear seat. These cars are super quiet and perfect for hunting vehicles. A quiet, electric, and all terrain vehicle.

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