E-Wagon Limo

E-Wagon Limo

E-Wagon Limo is an ACG 4 seater electric golf car, one of top vehicles of its class.

E-Wagon Limo is a real breakthrough in electric vehicle manufacture by American Custom Golf Cars, better known as ACG. E-Wagon Limo’s premium design stands out due to its incredibly detailed both exterior and interior. A 4 seater E-Wagon Limo is spacious enough to carry your company around the golf course.

The golf car stands out due to its pragmatism and high build quality. Its brutal look will make you fascinated at first glance. Wherever you go, all eyes will be on E-Wagon Limo.

E-Wagon Limo is highly equipped with advanced technologies for even more comfort and safety. It is ACG’s way of saying that the car is the undoubted leader in its class, keeping its competitors behind.

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4013 mm
1295 mm
Height to top of windshield
1397 mm
1981 mm
Ground clearance
183 mm
Weight (without batteries)
493 kg
Weight (with batteries)
640 kg
Mass (maximum allowed)
1132 kg
Wheels (front)
15 “x 7.5”
Wheels (rear)
15 x 7.5
Tire size (front)
205/65 R15
Tire size (rear)
205/65 R15
Brakes (front)
Hydraulic, disc
Brakes (rear)
7 “Mechanical, drum
Traction motor
Direct drive
48 VAC
three-phase, peak power 17.5 hp
Two-stage with gearbox, with high speed gears
Electrical equipment
48 VDC
Six (6) at 8 V = 48 V DC
Speed ​​Controller
SEVCON Gen4 450 A
Rack Type
of aluminum double-tee (I-shaped) profiles
one-piece fiberglass composite
Body Coating
Car paints
Interior material
Waterproof vinyl
Waterproof synthetic fabric
Speed ​​when moving forward
24 km / h
Braking distance
(from 18 km / h) 2.4 m
4 or 6

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