Umax One

Umax One

With six color options, luxurious bucket seats, under hood storage compartment, and large 20″ tires, you can see the difference when power, performance, versatility, and comfort matter.

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Fuel system Electronic Fuel Injection
Engine type Yamaha Built 402cc, Low Emission Single Cylinder 60deg Incline OHV
Lubrication system Splash-style positive oil lubrication
Oil capacity 1.16 U.S. quart (1.1 liter, 1100cc), Yamalube 10W-30 liter
Cooling system Forced air
Starting system: Starter generator with pedal start system


Overall length 111.45 in (283.1 cm)
Overall width 49.33 in (125.3 cm)
Overall height(with suntop) 71.81 in (182.4 cm)
Overall height(without suntop) 48.54 in (123.3 cm)
Wheelbase 66.18 in (168.1 cm)
Front wheel tread 39.96 in (101.5 cm)
Rear wheel tread 40.19 in (102.1 cm)
Minimum ground clearance 4.56 in (11.6 cm)
Maximum forward speed 19.5 mph (31.4 km/h)
Maximum reverse speed 17.5 mph (28 km/h)
Minimum turning radius 3.48 m

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